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Lacteatkies - Cranberry / Chocolate Chips

RM 38.00

Model: Cranberry / Chocolate Chips

Brand: Accidental Bliss


Lacteatkies - Cranberry / Chocolate Chips is Organic base lactation cookies that is an excellent and healthy milk booster for moms. Everything is organic for clean eating and enhance milk production. Lacteatkies has decent list of the most well-established lactogenic food or widely known as galactogogue as the main ingredients. These ingredients  are rich dietary source of beta-glucan, a polysaccharide that has shown to increase prolactin (known as the breastfeeding hormone) levels. Lacteatkies is dairy-free friendly with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as the base. And of course as the namesake, it has Cranberry for a fresh fruity bursting flavour lovers and Chocolate Chips for chocolate lovers! 

Packaging Detail: 300 gm per bag

Mommy Advice:

What Else Besides Lactation Cookies Will Help With My Supply?

  • Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast. 
  • Remember to keep up your water intake (especially in warmer weather when baby might want to feed more – he gets thirsty too), as this can make a big difference. Have a glass of water next to you every time you breastfeed (right next to your cookies!). Ideally, have a water bottle with you all the time and try to sip every 15 minutes. Your body needs more water when breastfeeding, and if you don’t drink enough, you could ending up with constipation, haemorrhoids and/or anal issues, especially in the early days of breastfeeding. Drinking water helps boost energy and concentration levels, which dehydration messes with. There’s plenty of really good reasons to drink more water! 
  • Avoid dummies (pacifiers), formula or nipple shields unless advised by a lactation consultant. They decrease direct nipple stimulation, which means less milk production Offer the breast more frequently. Demand equals supply as far as breastmilk goes – when your baby is sucking at the breast it sends your body signals to make more milk.
  • If your baby doesn’t seem well, is losing weight or does not have plenty of wet nappies, please seek help without delay. 

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