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Minyak Herbanika

RM 58.00

Model: Confinement

Brand: Nona Roguy


Traditionally used for vitality after childbirth, strengthening muscles, cough, pain and aches, relieving joints and muscles pain, improving blood circulation and reducing phlegm.


  1. Piperaceae folium
  2. Andropogon nardus folium 
  3. Eucalyptus globulus
  4. Myristica fragrans 
  5. Cocos nucifera oil  


  • Apply generously on the upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back before practicing ‘hot stone’ formation treatment (Bertuam Batu Tuku) and the usage of Herbanika Barut for binding the abdomen.  
  • It is a fast recovery usage for Caesarian surgery and Episiotomy for normal birth.  
  • It is recommended to mix Minyak Herbanika and Minyak Berubat Herba for body massage. 

Store in a cool dry place.
Keep away from children.
If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.
Balance diet and regular exercises are essential.

Packaging Detail: 1 x 130 ml of Herbanika Oil 

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